Follow the Bottom-up Route

The bottom-up route comprises six steps, namely B1 to B6. The guideline to perform each step is accessible by the name of the corresponding modelling strategy (the blue underlined statement in the following table).

B1 : Conceptualise Current BPM from Start following Analyst Driven Strategy   

B2 : Elicit Current Goal Structure from Current BPM following Process Clustering Strategy 

B3 : Elicit Future Goal Structure from Current Goal Structure following Analyst Driven Strategy 

B4 : Elicit Change Goal Structure from Current  Goal Structure following Goal Deployment Strategy 

B5 : Elicit Most Suitable Change Goal Structure from Change Goal Structure following Evaluation Strategy 

B6 : Stop from Change Goal Structure following Completeness Strategy

Situational Factors

Method factors 

  • Organisational maturity of modelling : Low
  • Degree of «participative» involvement : Low
  • Degree of commonality of «view-points» : Medium
Problem factors 
  • Organisational culture : Hierarchical
  • Degree of clarity of problem : Well defined
  • Type of services of the organisation : Changing
  • External pressures and competition: Known
ESI sector factors
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