Elicit Enterprise Goal Structure
Following Evaluation Strategy

This guideline provides a structured approach towards the identification and evaluation of alternative scenaria for change. The pre-requisites for this approach is a change process model (see Follow goal deployment strategy). The change process model is revisited so as to identify and then evaluate alternative scenaria against pre-defined criteria.  Based on this evaluation, comparisons of alternative scenaria occur and recommendations are made concerning the most appropriate scenaria.

Follow these steps
Prune the change process model This step aims at pruning the change process model in order to limit the number of scenaria to be examined, evaluated and compared. 
Perform branch evaluation In order to limit the complexity of the evaluation process, each branch of the pruned change process model is considered separately. Each scenario in a branch is evaluated first qualitatively and then, quantitatively. Qualitative evaluation is based on criteria whereas quantitative evaluation uses metrics. A preferred set of scenaria is selected by branch.
Perform global evaluation In this step, the appropriateness of the  preferred scenaria defined as sets of branch scenaria resulting of the previous step are globally evaluated. This can result in backtracking on choices made locally.
Derive the preferred set of scenaria The preferred set of scenaria is documented and recommendations for selection of the most suitable one are provided.
Change process model
Scenario model
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