Elicit Enterprise Goal Structure
Following Analyst Driven Strategy

This guideline provides a structured approach towards

Perform the following activities
Techniques and tools 
Capture Goals list Top managers and/or domain experts interview, Group System (Brainstorming or Topic Commenter) An initial list of goals has to be acquired either through interviews or during a brainstorming session.
Improve Goals list Group System (Categorizer) The initial list of goals resulting from the previous activity may be improved. This list may contain redundancies, inconsistencies, fuzzynesses, etc. or partially overlapping goals that should be corrected. This activity shall be performed in different ways, through electronic discussions based on annotations of goals, by categorizing goals co-operatively and through open discussions.
Prioritise Goals Group System (Voting) It migth be appropriate to rank the different goals and eliminate those that are considered as unimportant.
Organise Goals list into hierarchy Group System (Group outliner) The list of selected goals can be hierarchically organised using for example the Group Outliner facility provided by Group System.
The organisational maturity of modelling and the degree of «participative» involvement are low;
the organisational culture is hierarchical; and the external pressures are known.
Enterprise goal model
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