Irina Rychkova

Associate Professor in Information Technology

University Paris 1 Pantheon - Sorbonne



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Irina Rychkova is Associate Professor of Information Technology at University Paris 1, Pantheon Sorbonne and a researcher at Centre de Recherche en Informatique of Paris 1 since September 2009. Her teaching and research interests include model-driven engineering, business process modeling,  model analysis and verification, enterprise and system architecture. Her work had been published in various international conferences and journals.

Dr. Rychkova has offered courses in English and French for Licence L3, Master MIAGE Sorbonne (M_thodes Informatiques Appliqu_es _ la Gestion des Entreprises),  Master MIAGE-Apprentissage in IAE-Paris (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises de Paris) as well as Master students in Computer and Communication Sciences of EPFL.
Her master level courses cover the topics such as Interoperability, service oriented architecture, strategic alignment, enterprise and business process modeling, knowledge management etc. 


During her doctoral studies, Irina Rychkova was involved in development of an Enterprise architecture methodology called SEAM. She has developed a formal semantics for SEAM graphical modeling language based on the first-order logic. As a part of CRI, Dr. Rychkova is developing a theory and a tool for automated support for adaptive case management (a class of proesses with unpredictable scenario). She is on of the chairs of the AdaptiveCM workshop that focuses on the topic. 

Dr. Rychkova holds a PhD in System modeling and Enterprise Architecture from the Suisse Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EcolePolytechnique Federale de Lausanne), MSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), in Russia, and an Engineer degree in Information Systems from Samara State Aerospace University, in Russia.


Prior to joining CRI - Paris 1, Dr. Rychkova was a research assistant at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Laboratory of Systemic Modeling (LAMS). She also spent six months working as Enterprise Architect at adidas Global IT, in Germany.





  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Business Process Modeling
    • Declarative approaches for modeling
    • Formal semantics
    • Adaptive Case Management
  • Formal specifications and model checking

EPFL Master in I&C: (until 2008) Conceptual Modeling, Enterprise and Service-Oriented Architecture;

MIAGE Sorbonne, IAE-Paris:
Undergraduate (L3): Relational Data Bases
Master courses (M1-M2): Strategic Alignment, Web technologies, Interoperability, Enterprise Architecture and Urbanism, Knowledge management, Business Process Modeling,