In conjunction with EDOC 2009

The First Workshop on Service oriented Enterprise Architecture for Enterprise Engineering

2 September 2009, Auckland, New Zealand

Selmin Nurcan – University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, France

Rainer Schmidt – University of Applied Sciences, Aalen, Germany



  • Topics for discussion






During the workshop we will discuss the following topics:

  1. Service engineering
    • Do we need new paradigms to cope with service engineering?
    • How are business services discovered, defined, composed, adapted?
    • How are business services assigned to business processes?
    • How are technology-services discovered, defined, composed, adapted?
    • How are technology-services assigned to business services?
    • Are there design patterns for developing service-oriented systems?
    • How can the MDA/MDD techniques and methods be applied for engineering SoEA?
    • Which test methods exist for technology-services?
    • How are business services and technology-services rolled out?
    • Which change management procedures have to be applied during the deployment of SoEA?
  1. Service management
    • Which benchmarks and key performance indicators should be applied to services?
    • Which information system architectures are adequate for services?
    • Which approaches exist for mastering the migration of legacy systems to SoEA?
    • Which triggers exist and what mechanisms should be applied for escalation?
    • Which approaches exist for the continual improvement of services?
    • Which evaluation and validation techniques can be applied for SoEA?
  1. Alignment with business strategy
    • Which interdependencies exist between services and business strategy?
    • Which concepts and methods are necessary to align services with the business strategy?
    • Which new potentials to reengineer business processes are created by services?
    • How are services aligned with compliance requirements?
    • How are compliance and governance requirements enforced?

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