Project: Benchmark

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The Centre de Recherche en Informatique (CRI - EA 1445) at University Paris 1 has a long tradition of teaching, industry collaboration and research in the domains of information systems engineering, requirements engineering, and service systems. The group is under the direction of Prof Camille Salinesi. It iscomposed of 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 3 external researchers, and 20 PhD students. Every year, several foreign researchers spend from 2 to 12 months with us. Our researchers are trained at the SID research Master in collaboration with CNAM and ESSEC. We are also responsible for 3 professionnal degrees: the Bachelor and Master degrees MIAGE (Mastere d'Informatique Appliquée à la Gestion des Organisations), and the professional Master SIC (Systèmes d'Information et de Communication). Our degrees are delivered in the context of initial studies as well as through vocational studies and in the context of life long learning studies. Our group promotes collaboration with industry and technology transfer, e.g with large companies such as Renault, SNCF, EDF BNP-Paribas, as well as SMEs such as ADN, Exibri, STAGO. Collaboration span from simple consultancy to larger funded research projects. We are also involved in the development of the IREB CPRE professional certification in Requirements Engineering. Our activity also include research on an international level with more than 300 papers published in reviewed conferences and scientific journals, 90 doctoral theses, and more than 20 projects funded by the ministry of Research and EEC