Understand the use of the EKD-CMM Electronic Guidebook

The EKD-CMM electronic guide book comprises three main parts which are identified by the three usage intentions: Understand the use of the EKD-CMM Electronic Guide Book, Understand EKD-CMM Change Management Framework and Apply EKD-CMM. The first one describes the navigation in the electronic guide book. The second one explains EKD-CMM change management framework in detail. The third one provides three guided ways and one free way to apply EKD-CMM and gives access to guidelines supporting the change process.

Understand the use of the EKD-CMM Electronic Guide Book

The first part, called Understand the use of the EKD-CMM Electronic Guidebook and that you are reading now, explains how to navigate in this Electronic Guidebook and describes  its three main usage intentions.

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Understand EKD-CMM Change Management Framework

If you don't have a good understanding of  the method, we recommend to go through the second branch called Understand EKD-CMM Change Management Framework.

This part of the electronic guide book explains the EKD-CMM way of understanding the change management,  introduces the various components of the EKD-CMM framework (models and tools), and describes the different ways to manage change using EKD-CMM by the means of the EKD-CMM road map and its associated guidelines. There is one guideline for each map section referred to in the EKD-CMM road map. Each guideline suggests the process to be followed to perform tasks associated with the corresponding step in your change process.

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If you have enough  understanding of the EKD-CMM method,  this branch allows you to apply it  for your change management process.
It is decomposed in two parts.
The first one, called  Select EKD-CMM guidelines, offers three guided ways to select the EKD-CMM guideline you have to apply next.

(1) through the EKD-CMM road map. Based on the road map and the intention you want to fulfill you can identify the guideline supporting the achievement of this intention.

(2) through pre-defined routes in the road map. You can visualise the steps of the three examples of  routes embodied the EKD-CMM road map. This stepwise description shall be considered as a reminder of EKD-CMM routes. It might be used during an EKD-CMM project, to visualise the route which is followed and to select  the step to carry out next. The selection of the step to carry out next in the route identifies the guideline which supports this step.

(3) through change management steps. The change management step that you want to carry out identifies the guideline to be followed.

The second one, called Use EKD-CMM guidelines, contains the EKD-CMM available guidelines. The navigation in this part  is suitable if you can select the guideline to be applied next, directly This process might offer choices with argument to base the selection of the appropriate alternative but it is not guided as the previous one.

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You can navigate around the pages of this guide book either :

- using the EKD-CMM electronic guide book usage  intention hierarchy accessible by the button  ;
- or step by step using the three arrow buttons:
  allows you to move to the previous level in the hierarchy
allows you to move to the next step at the same level
  allows you to move to the previous step at the same level
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