The CREWS Method Base
CREWS-L'Ecritoire Approach
Table of Contents

The following table presents the list of the method chunks composing the CREWS-L'Ecritoire scenario-based requirements elicitation approach. Each entry of the table provides access to a method chunk which is either an atomic chunk or an aggregate one  (as indicated in the 'Type' column).

The method chunk "Elicit goal/scenario couples following the CREWS-L'Ecritoire" describes the overall view of the CREWS-L'Ecritoire approach.

Name Type
1 Write a scenario in free prose Aggregate
2 Write a scenario with style guidelines Atomic
3 Write a scenario with content guidelines Atomic
4 Write a scenario with style and content guidelines Atomic
5 Write a scenario without guidelines Atomic
6 Conceptualise a scenario using computer support Atomic
7 Complete a scenario using completion rules Atomic
8 Elicit a refined goal considering every scenario action as a goal Atomic
9 Elicit a refined goal using action completion rules Atomic
10 Elicit a refined goal using refinement discovery strategy Aggregate
11 Elicit a complementary goal reasoning on final and initial scenario states Atomic
12 Elicit a complementary goal reasoning on scenario resources Atomic
13 Elicit a complementary goal with complementary discovery strategy Aggregate
14 Elicit an alternative goal with a goal structure driven strategy Atomic
15 Elicit a goal with an alternative discovery strategy Atomic
16 Elicit a goal with an initial goal identification strategy Atomic
17 Elicit a goal with template driven strategy Atomic
18 Elicit a goal using a linguistic strategy Atomic
19 Elicit goal/scenario couples following the CREWS-L'Ecritoire approach Aggregate
20 Write a scenario using a template driven strategy Atomic
21 Conceptualise a scenario manually Atomic